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Dana TM4 TAU Software

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Just curious - anyone have experience with the software for the ACX1 controllers? From the sounds of it I'll need the "OEM" version so I can adjust maps for racing purposes.
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A bit .. and need more .. a kind soul started a thread on everything Hyper9 (including controller Tau software). > The Hyper-9 Thread
Tau Software / ACX controller appears to have motor parameter set ups which means the ACX1 / ACX144 controllers could be a good choice of controller for other motors (ie $2K vs $8k for other 'go-to' AC controllers eg Cascadia PM150DX MCU (Inverter) £6,595 which doesn't even have a user friendly GUI !! )

PS THANKS Bryan for sharing your GREAT speadsheet (seen on youtube channel) great forum. PM 4OEM ;-)
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