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Hi there.... I am new here, hi..

I have a 3 wheel trike called a CITYEL a Danish version of the Sinclair C5 but does 38mph!
runs 2.5kw motor on 3x 12v agm Lead Acid batteries

it's 1991 and I bought it in Germany..thanks a friend who speaks German who was able to sort the deal out for me. Other wise the sale wouldn't have happened.

So my plans and I don't mind admitting I am out of my depth but so keen to learn..

I would like to keep the motor as I am told it's good for 48v no issues.. BUT and here is the BUT to simply move up to 48v is not a good idea from 36v.. as then the electrics need upgrading and so do some mechanical parts and the list goes on.. BUT It is safe to take it up to 40v or 42v with no issues.. So with that in mind I bought some Samsung VW E-Golf batteries. Lithium Ion 3.7v per cell the pack is 15.1v large and 7.5v for the half pack..

I have 4 large batteries and 2 half batteries.
I was told at the point of sale they are 100amh but i have since seen these batteries advertised and the show 65amh so poss two types I would be disappointed but hey ho the batteries are at least good quality.

So what I need is a BMS.. the batteries do have a BMS circuit board on them but I wouldn't know how to use these.. and others have looked and not sure them selves so it might be better to just ignore them and get another BMS.. Sadly all budget has been spent on the batteries.. I had seen a BMS from China for around £100 that on paper looked decent.. any good??

Then I need a charger that can charge the lithium ION at a decent charge rate and I am REALLY stuggling on this part like I am dead in the water at the moment.



I really hope the community is an active one.. I have tried the forums and I have spent hours reading and I have some info and ideas but really need to run them by some one who knows the more technical side of things.

I was told that a charger can be made up from using a computer powerpack and a small circuit board to do what ever is needed as it will give enough amps to charge the batteries and a sensible price point.. as many of the chargers are too low on amps and then to go to a commerical charger then they start to get VERY expensive.. No idea if that is a good idea or not?

Sadly I found the FB groups not very active and although lots of likes to the car not really any help to go forward..

Why do I want to do all of this.. well I want to learn as in the end I will convert my classic car.. so every thing I learn I will be banking for the future. :) lets hope the Forum is more active :) I have 2 of these Cityels and both on lead acid.. and I have a few Sinclair C5's
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