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Datsun 510 wagon build

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Just thought I'd start a thread regarding our 510 build.
It started out as a well used(500k+ miles) L16 auto wagon. Original plan was to VG(V6) swap it.
Bought a used ev project to swap parts from. It was a DC 36v forklift build.
I figured i could dissect it and teach myself how to DIY.
I recently came across ANOTHER shop built 300zx with a hyper9,soliton1,manzanta charger and lithium batteries from a e500 fiat.
I likely will pick this is today or Sunday.
My question is is there any support for the controller? How do I program it? It seems as thought the site is down
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Probably a Warp9 since the Hyper9 is the new AC motor.
I never like the Soliton after one mysteriously went full throttle (with no throttle applied) and grenaded a motor in the shop. Always a Zilla fan or now one of the AC systems.
The 510 is an amazing platform, I used to autocross a few over the years.
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