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Datsun 620 pickup conversion

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Hi, I am new to EV s although I have made a successful electric foil board from scratch . I want to convert an old Datsun 620 pickup to electric hopefully to achieve around 3 second 0-60 times
Would this be achievable with one or two forklift motors , what sort of specification ?
What battery would be best suited please , I am living in Thailand so maybe I am limited on battery choice .
I plan to run the car stripped out for lightness. I am not worried about range , 80 miles driving steady would be ok.
Any help on planning the specs of the components would be much appreciated

Regards Nick
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That's a classic mini pickup - they're hard to find here, even in badly rusted condition.

For those not familiar with the 620, it's the 1970's generation of the Datsun (Nissan) small pickup truck:

By the time you have built something capable of 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds there will probably be nothing left of the 620 other than some of the sheet metal of the cab, so the question becomes something like
"what can I completely custom build that can achieve around 3 second 0-60 times and can have enough of a mini pickup cab and box mounted to it to be recognizable as the pickup?"
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Thais are very resourceful, though 3 seconds requires a LOT more work and money than 4 seconds than does 6 seconds.

EV's are virtually nonexistent there (my friend's conpany there used 3 phase industrial motors as traction motors and lead acid batteries for small, slow, campus buses), so OP's best bet, if he's serious, is to import a wrecked donor car. Lead acid batteries are way too heavy for that little truck.

Problem there is shipping costs are nuts right now, Thai currency is a bit weak, and Thai import taxes are crazy high.
I am trying to find information about making motor controller , all the info seems to be quite old and links not working? can anyone guide me to some recent info please ?
sorry for asking maybe obvious questions , I am a real noob at EV's
Here's a sedan version close to what you want to make: and Electric 1972 Datsun 1200 Dragster: White Zombie
The White Zombie was street legal(in the USA), and John may still be driving it around.
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Yes this is the car / man who has inspired me! I have read everything I can find on it !
I have found this motor locally , can anyone tell me if it suitable to use , I was expecting it to be 48v but its 72v. It looks to be about 13 inch diameter but I didn't have a tape as just came across it by chance while looking at an axle .


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0 to 60 isn’t that impossible assuming that you mean 60 km/h since you are in Thailand 🤔
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