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(DC) Motor terminals - where to find / how to find??

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I'm looking for 'thingies' to give a DC motor two extra connections (to allow reverse direction).

But I don't know what words to use to search them... my Google-Fu lets me down :(

this get's me close:
insulated terminal post M8
terminal post M8

I'm looking for the kind that's already on just about any (DC) motor, a (non thermoplastic) insulator bush + washers, M8 or better M10 thread, etc.

How / where to search??
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Does your controller not act as a full H-bridge?
A series-wound motor (most common type of that size), cannot be reversed by reversing the polarity of the ends of a pair of series-connected coils. It will spin in the same direction both times.

If you don't have 4 terminals, you have to do some surgery, cut between the two coils and bring out each of their respective endpoints so that you can reverse one coil relative to the other.

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Hi boekel,

Look here.

Build up own using brass bolts, washers, nuts with Glastic or electrical grade fiberglass tube and washers or sheets. Like this.

Motor repair shop might offer parts.

Good luck,


edit: Or reuse some from scrapped motor???
Thanks, can't find anything at eis-inc (only every other part to rebuild a motor)

I don't have any scrap motors, but might look into that. proably will have to build my own indeed.
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