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DC Plasma - Build Thread - 10Sec Fiero

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Nine (9) Second Fiero now

Well, I thought I would start a thread on my build as it is rather unique car. (and someday someone else may try to do the same crazy thing)
I documented the entire thing with pictures, that are all over in various locations, I will try to link them all in here if anyone has a specific request for a particular shot. This is the best video link
I was originally going to build a Diablo kit and bought an Oklahoma car that had sat dead in Austin for a long time (17 years?) 88,000 miles Red 2M4 for $1000 on ebay. I finished thrashing the leaky 4 cylinder for about 30 minutes until the heads blew all the way through and the bulk of the radiator fluid got in the oil system. Right after that I spent 8 months in Alberta and watched them racing electric snowmobiles and became convinced that the off the line torque of an electric motor was tremendous. I then saw some electric car drag racing in Vancouver/Portland area and I was hooked. Very easily you can have sub 4 second 0-60 mph times and like my car we do 0-60 in 2.4 seconds with the drag radials.
I decided to build to the National Electric Drag Racing Association classification called MC which is Pro-Modified Street Conversion.
I also occasionally race in SCCA slalom racing courses but they haven't found a category for me yet.
From the beginning we targeted putting the batteries in the trunk do to the nice "water tight" nature of the compartment.
Our target was to beat the White Zombie at 10.25 seconds.
Here is one of the more recent shots someone took at the Texas Mile in Beeville TX.

you can see a video of the build here...

Some of the main modifications:
Replacement of the engine cradle with a Lincoln Mark VIII rear end and suspension.

Removal of the gas tank and substitution of a slightly wider (1" each side) torque tunnel into which we inserted two Netgain Warp9 motors, each capable of sucking 400 battery HP. Fiero was amazing this way in that the large what looks like a transmission tunnel down the middle is the gas tank area (A lot of people are surprised to learn that) worked out perfectly for the motors. Everything is to the rear of the original front "firewall" so we can maintain "mid-engine" status.

Nearly direct coupled, (really a short coupled DANA Spicer 1350 driveshaft) the motors to the differential. Installation of a 1200HP Gear Vendors overdrive so we have two gears (really 1.5).
Installed a five point roll cage.

Firestone Air bag rear suspension
12" Corvette brakes in front by West Coast Fieros thanks Chris West
Two motor controllers, good to supply 425 battery HP to each motor by Cafe Electric
Controller cooling system
LiPo battery pack by Lithium Start 2400A 375V (peak ratings) 6P90S
LiPo Battery Management System by Elithion
KYB shocks all around
Sport Edition CD 16X7.5 wheels 5X100 on the front, 5X108 on the rear
BFG Drag Radials 255/50R16
Eagle GT's 225/60R16 for running around town and the slalom courses

Catchin some rear wheel air...on the slalom course in the Macy's mall parking lot in Hagerstown MD

Catchin some front wheel air at Houston Motorsports Park in Houston

More front wheel air at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown Texas.

One of my favorite shots index racing in the 7.0 1/8th mile Brandt Nationals at Lonestar Motorsports Park in Sealy TX

Best times so far...
60ft 1.551
1/8 mile 6.321 112mph
1/4 mile 9.898 134mph
1/2 Mile 134.5mph
1.0 mile 155.0mph
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Is that your truck on the Salt Flats? Gotta love a sport where you run wide open for minutes at a time!

Electric motors are hp rated for 1 hour or continuous use. As the NEDRA drag racers show, they can be overloaded way beyond the rating briefly.

Google on "Buckeye Bullet" to see how they went 300+ mph electrically. Major's race team went 215 on an electric motorcycle on the Salt Flats.
Newbie Dumb Arse Q's (no insult intended):

What is the raceweight of the Fiero?

What is "Electric HP" rating?

I've run bikes, cars, and trucks, and perhaps the closest ET data I have would be:

754rwhp (Westech Dyno's Superflow)
Raceweight 6420LB (HRP scale)
ET 10.59 @ 130 mph (HRP)
60' = 1.64

IIRC, another (LVMS) would be about 2800lb, 600HP, [email protected]? Not sure, as it wasn't my car, just the driver.

Another even more stupid question is:

I see Warp 9 motor tech sheets. They say 34HP and 72v ? Are these the same motors?

I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just don't understand how electric motors are rated for racing. I want to start dinking with electrics, but I'm confused as to what I'm looking at.

I'm trying to figure out what would be required to generate 500rwhp through a transmission by using electric motor(s) for 45 seconds duration.
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