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DC Plasma's first Speeding Ticket 155mph

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DC Plasma raced the Texas Mile today and ran a 134mph in the 1/2 mile and 155mph in the full mile. From a standing start. You can see the first uploaded video by Mike Dunn here.

Kind of neat from second 44 to 55 the jet engine sound of the run.

We ran at 210motor volts on the new helwig brushes.
Stock netgain motors otherwise. and a single zilla and half rated battery current at 1200 amps.

John Metric
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I was expecting an actual speeding ticket :p Last time I heard someone bragging about one was for 25 in a 15. I'm sure 155 would make headlines, but don't know if the coppers could catch up!

It's hard to imagine those speeds in an older car. My bug feels crazy fast at 70; over double that would be suicidal (though I hear they can take flight at ~160)

What's the top speed you've reached, or is the mile speed terminal velocity?
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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