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DC Plasma's first Speeding Ticket 155mph

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DC Plasma raced the Texas Mile today and ran a 134mph in the 1/2 mile and 155mph in the full mile. From a standing start. You can see the first uploaded video by Mike Dunn here.

Kind of neat from second 44 to 55 the jet engine sound of the run.

We ran at 210motor volts on the new helwig brushes.
Stock netgain motors otherwise. and a single zilla and half rated battery current at 1200 amps.

John Metric
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Was that dust kicking up off the tarmac the second half mile, or magic smoke leaking out of the motors?

I didn't smell any smoke, and I didn't even get the motors above 180V. I normally go to 200V in the 1/4 mile.

The dust was terrible. The event was crazy, there were more 1000Hp cars there than I have ever seen. There was tire rubber down the entire track, also dust, rocks, asphalts pieces, trash,

The best run was 257 MPH by a Camaro. The guy needed a parachute to stop in 1/2 mile.
Re: DC Plasma Ride along at 155mph

Here is an in car video from the 155mph run.

This is the run chart from the 155mph run. See the overdrive shift in the middle. We ran at 1200max amps on the battery where the factory rating is 2500amps max.
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DAMM , you got there before me , DAMM !! Did you use a Gearvender Overdrive before I had a chance too ?
Were you trying to get to The Texas Mile or to 150mph?

Yes, we use a gear vendors overdrive. Just one for now, thinking of a second "multi" unit for the run at 200mph.

Check out or in car video of 155mph in an electric
check out all 50 videos....Please subscribe thanks.
Do you monitor battery temperature? If so, can I see the numbers.
Work has me crazed, but this project persists.
I have three thermocouples, one deep inside each pack. and then there are the 90 board temps which sit right on top of the cells.
Unfortunately, none of these are recorded like the zilla data. I can only read them when I get back to the pits, three from the BRUSA software and the ninety from the Elithion Software.
Both of them are on CANBUS but I don't have a CANBUS display system.

If you started slower , do you think you could have gone faster and needed to use less amps an volts ? Did the wires get very hot ? Hot wires slow down the power a little . I was gonna put the controller right up front behind the grill in the air to cool it . and put a fan on it too . I live in Nevada so I thought it should be there to cool it faster . But even if I use 2 gauge wire , it's still alot of wire for my dirict drive car (10 ft motor to switch , 12ft motor to controller/main power)
I don't think so. Even though the zilla was cutting back a little, it really only cuts back the maximum amps, which we weren't exceeding near the end, see the chart.
Our weak spot turned out to be the brushes and brush wires in the second motor. I think the hot air from the front motor was going out of the back of the first and into the brush holes of the second. This cooked the wires. It didn't fail on this run but the next run in Tucson, we "Cleared" the weakened ones.

Congrats! Awesome! Trying to get the Helwig brushes for my Warp9. Anyone talk to Netgain today. Tried calling several times before the weekend.
They are out for the weekend and Monday. Poor George is in the Hospital having surgery for a kidney stone. Team Lonestar EV Racing is praying for a speedy recovery.
Congratulations on the Awesome Run! :D

Was that dust kicking up off the tarmac the second half mile, or magic smoke leaking out of the motors?
Turns out it was magic smoke.

Brush wires and trailing edge arcing.
360kw peak?
That's about right at half power, see the chart.
Are you gonna use seperate ducted air and fans to each of the motors for your 160 mph try ?
Actually I was thinking of forced air ducts piped directly to the brushes. and then maybe a bilge pump for cooling afterwards.
I was thinking of sucking the air out too. Are you reading my notes ?
Yep, I get most of my ideas from you guys.

How is your two ton oldsmobile going?
Going to use two motors , one per wheel . Or one motor direct drive . And I will be putting the controllers or controller up front to cool it .
Just save some time and put the two motors in line direct drive in the transmission tunnel. You should already have a strong Ford 7.5 inch differential in there with probably a very low numbered highway gear.
150 is all right if you get a push up to 60mph.
150amps won't creep that big car through tall grass with a 2.80 gear.
You are going to want more amps.

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