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I have a new meanwell DC to dc sd-200 that seemed to work fine and now shuts down whenever I switch on or connect my headlight. I checked the headlight actually 2 of them. They operate at 3.5 amps. LED Taillights work even an 80 watt (6.6 amps) fan works fine. The converter is rated at 16.7 amps (200 watt). With Taillights disconnected headlights will work. I tested for shorts but found nothing. An 80 ohms resistance was traced back to the meanwell. It shuts down instantly with no sign of power, not even a glow out of headlight
Is there a way to test this? Is this a surge/spike issue?
Thanks in advance
This the electric dnepnr sidecar motorcycle
I added the 80 watt fan on the motor and in early testing it is keeping the motor much cooler no more burning motor smell!
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