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DCP Raptor 1200 For Sale

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DCP Raptor 1200 For Sale MAKE (reasonable) OFFER!

I have a rebuilt DCP Raptor 1200 amp controller for sale. The controller has given years of gently used, trouble free service. Because of the impending "dry capacitor" syndrome, the controller was sent to Peter Senkowsky in October, 2009 to be refurbished and changed to potbox accelerator input from the old inductive style. The controller has about 1200 miles since the refurb and has recently been put back in service after a 2 year hiatus. Working like a charm!
I want to try a lower current controller in my VW conversion so as not to damage my lithium cells with high current draw and also to keep me from getting a speeding ticket.:eek: This controller is a beast and would be well suited for anyone who wants to drag race.

MAKE (reasonable) OFFER!

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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