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Is there any brain trust left on DCP Raptor 600 controllers? Mine is from a build done in 2007. It was an original DCP that was sent to Black Sheep Technologies for their wizardry. I have no idea what that means except that throttle changed from an inductive unit to a pot. All that was before I bought the truck 6 years ago.

Recently the unit seems to be having overheating issues. The fan comes on a lot, even when the truck is parked in the sun. It also runs for quite a while after I shut down. Last week while driving home on an 80 degree day the unit shut off. Fortunately I was on a quiet street. After a few minutes it came back on and I was able to drive home. It's driven flawlessly on many hotter days before that.

That's the only time I've experience a shutdown but now I'm nervous driving the truck. Does anyone have any ideas? Several thousand dollars for a newer controller just isn't in the budget right now.

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