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Today I removed the engine from the donor car. I had to pull it and the transmission together. I think in the long run it is better to have the tranny out to make the adapter plate and so forth. I took lots of photos and will happily share them. In order to disconnect the half shaft axels from the gearbox I had to disconnect the lower ball joints and steering tie rod ends (I think that would be necessary on any front wheel drive car). Subaru utilizes a roll pin that goes through the inboard end of the CV joints to hold them on, this was the last thing holding the engine/transaxle in the car. I made a support to lift from by spanning four of the W trusses in the garage twith a piece of inch and a quarter schedule 40 water pipe. I put a two foot piece of five sixteenths chain around it in the center, securing it with a cap screw and nut, and put a half ton hook on it. I hung a half ton comealong by the cable hook and attched it to the lifting eye on the top of the engine with a shackle. I was able to lift the engine from the car easily. I put the ball joints and tie rods back together put on the wheels. I took the car off the jackstands and moved it back a coulpe of feet and then I was able to lower the engine onto a dolly. Then I separated the transaxel off, and removed the clutch and flywheel.
I fabricated a contraption to keep the axels from flopping around when the car was moved about. I used a piece of three quarter inch copper tubing that was the same length as the end to end measurment on the spline stubs protruding from the transaxel. I used a piece of flatbar I had laying about and attched it at the points where the center suport for the eingne hooked on. I held the copper pipe onto the flatbar with a plumbers two hole strap. I chose copper because it is much softer than the splines and won't damage them.


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