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Hi there!

First post and I hope this will be a long and detailed thread before this is all over. I've been searching for weeks for a good donar vehicle. I found it today and brought it home. Found a road-worthy 1991 Geo Tracker 2WD. Looked at an 89 4WD an hour before we went to see the one I bought. Paid only $525 for it and was able to drive it 90 miles home. he older 4WD owner was asking $1800 and wasn't taking anything less... I've noticed lately that smaller 4WD Trackers, Sidekicks, Samauri or anything like it don't last more than a few hours on Craigslist, here in Northern Idaho and they get close to $2000 if they are in good shape. The 4WD we looked at was beat and someone had painted it with a rattle can of white paint... it looked really bad and showed evidence of being beat by a previous ownter.

I was glad to get a 2WD due to the lower weight and like the idea of a little greater clearance for moving thru snow. Not planning any off-roading nor trying to plow through a few feet of new snow, so 2WD will work great.

Now, it is time to figure out which motor to use and all the other details. I'd like to design for a 60 mile range, with a max speed of 60 when necessary but for the planned use of this vehicle, I can get by with a top speed of 45 for normal driving. Only want 60+ MPH for short periods of time if needed.

Thank you!
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