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DeLorean Tranmission Adaption

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Good day all,

I've been reading updates and projects for about a year here, I haven't really had much to contribute so I've stayed quiet. Now I could use some opinions, as I may have come across my pipe-dream project car, in my budget. I've been contemplating this build for years, going back and forth between motors, charging methods, and so on. This is one of the heavier cars on the road, coming in more along the lines of an SVU to light truck. The Warp11 seems like the best candidate, but I hear there are cooling issues.

I would like to get some insight on the project, mainly adapting the transmission. From what I've seen, this conversion has been attempted a few times, but only completed once or twice. Neither of those owners have written me back. I've seen a few transmission chewed up on here over the months, and mistakes in this department are ones I literally can't afford to make.

If there are any comments on the project, I'd love to hear any input. Currently we're still trying to find titling information on this forgotten-barn find. If all looks good (or at least, none too shady) probably moving forward.