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Delta DC Wallbox 25kW - Want to change Chademo to Tesla

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Hello. Not sore how much help I'll get but I'm building a public charging station in town and bought a Delta Wallbox 25kw dual cord CCS/Chademo unit and am curious if anyone has the wiring output for the Tesla cord. I have the Chademo pinout and a gen1 supercharger cord but wiring isn't labeled obviously. Anyone have this info?
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This thread is worthless without picture so here's the pictures.


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The Teslas have CCS adapters. Why are you providing a cord?

You realize you'll need to go through UL and have a PE's approval of any mods you're doing for public use, right?
That's a pretty good point. I found a solution in a Chademo to Tesla adapter with a long cord. That will allow me to build a box on site for the Chademo to sit in and allow tesla to work with or without an adapter. I want to be able to advertise tesla compatibility for the people that don't subscribe to forums.
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