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Delta-Q QuiQ Charging Algorithm Battery not listed

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I want to verify the charger is set for the batteries (SLR125) The list does not cover this battery. Does anyone know which battery in the list is the closest to the SLR125 ?

1. 1 Trojan T105

2. 3 T105 DV/DT CP

3. 4 US battery USB2200

4. 5 *Trojan 30/31XHS (Use this with Discover or Interstate DCMO100 AGM)

5. 6 **Deka 8G31 Gel (Use this one if you have Deka batteries)

6. 7 J305 DV/DT CP

7. 8 Concorde 10xAh AGM

8. 27 Crown CR-325

9. 37 Trojan T105 DV/DT CP-42V pack w/ 48V charger

10. 43 Discover 200-400Ah AGM
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What algorithm do you have in there right now?
What algorithm do you have in there right now?
I'm not sure, it seemed pointless to check w/ out knowing what it should be set to. I found a paper with other battery codes non have the SLR125's and also discovered it can probably be programmed to any battery including lithium. I have to check the serial # to see if algorithms can be uploaded.
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