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So I have a few questions that I can't wrap my head around as far as wiring goes.
I want to be able to have 2 options for charging. 1 option is to have a normal 120VAC house plug and the second option of the J1772 240VAC Commercial plug to charge it anywhere I need.
I have a Delta QuiQ 1000 96V charger. I have attached the PDF for the pinouts on my unit.
I have heard about the AVC2 unit that helps with the J1772 charging port.
I also have a ZEVA EVMS BMS for my battery pack. I would like to wire these correctly and communicate with one another. Obviously, I would not use both inlets to charge the battery at the same time! But I would like the convenience of using both setups where ever it is necessary.

Anyone have any suggestions or forums to relate to?


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