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Diesel / Electric Locomotive Technology

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I wish to follow the technology of the diesel / electric locomotive, as I have a 1983 Isuzu P/U with a 58hp, 4 cyl diesel engine, that I would like to have power one of my 10kw generator heads, with a 120v or 240v electric motor powering my rear axle.

My intention is to remove the 5-speed manual transmission and put one of my 10kw generator heads in its place, then idle the engine at the RPM necessary to achieve 60Hz, and direct-wire the A/C 120 or 240V drive motor to the generator head to supply power to the motor.

It doesn't make sense to me to spends thousands of dollars on batteries, along with adding the extra weight, then having to recharge the batteries, when I already have a complete power source.

If anyone knows where I should be searching, please point me in that direction? Thanks!
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The train systems have this massive displacement diesel engine literally the size of my house that likes to run at about only a couple hundred rpm. The tranny would be enormous, finicky, and more fragile than the rest of the train. They use electomotive because the bogie motors can be varied from the engine speed fairly easily and provide required torque from 0 to max speed. Listen To one starting moving at a siding and the diesel rpm doesn't vary much
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Do any of you know of a website that would educate me on more about how all of this works?
Nope this is pretty much the only site that I know of for an all in one size fits all vehicle conversion or build for non engineering people. Could be a couple of books out by now and there are several extensive build threads and videos. Googling just returns a computer full of chineseium sales ads any more. Ev west does some videos, but mainly showcase their expen$$ive shiney parts. Most everybody else here in this thread offering advise has some sort of engineering background, automotive, or electrical experience save for the couple that are massively stubborn like woodsmith was back about 7 years ago.
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