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ok I have a question what is the differents between the´s two batteries?,-batteries,-EV,-electric/Detail.bok


Witch is better? and what are the differents?

reason why i´m asking is because I´have been surfing the web looking at EV projects and seen like the bmw e30 use the blue smaller one´s but here in my country some guys used thunder sky batteries..
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The Headway cells are very power dense, they can deliver 5 times more current than a thundersky battery of the same size. The thundersky cells have a little higher energy density, more AH per kg, and I think they will last more cycles.

I have no personal experience, but I would say headway cells are more fit if you need a lot of power, and thundersky if you need range. The headways are more expensive per AH. If you have 100 AH thundersky, you can use 300 A continuos, but with 100 AH headway 1500 A!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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