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Digit and his Hijet

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daihatsu hijet 6 seater, without the back 4 (well, still got the very back 2... out of it, in the garage, but cant lay in the back without cutting off circulation in legs with the bars so out they went, but that's beside the point here...)

wanted to get it converted since before i got it. 7 years ago. still nothing really done with it (for nearly all the reasons).

utterly intimidated outta making serious progress. seeing some creative youtube vids, and even the recent top gear episode's creation... reinspires, and re-intimidates.

it's had so many circuit-bent botch jobs by so many other mechanics and would-be electricitians since even before i got it. so now, there are extra mysteries as to how it keeps failing to start. it seems it may as well just get fully electric converted, and have it's entire electrics systems gutted and renewed a fresh.

full photo-voltaics on every surface. a bed of batteries in the back. no more combustion.

that's the dream. it's a project been stalled and re-enthused to no progress many times. so it's still a dream. but now it's not just the dream that's going nowhere. neither is it (the hijet itself ~ stuck in the garage for months now, going nowhere).

so... intimidated... and kinda clueless where to begin. (and hampered by many reasons).

was there something about grants to help pay for conversions? (in scotland). think it can be done on the cheap just as well by the inept?
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Hi Digit, I'm excited to hear that someone is going to convert a Daihatsu Hijet. I just recently found one behind a house in a non running condition. I immediately thought "Electric" when I saw it. For some reason the owner doesn't want to sell it right now, but I'm working on him. I suggest you just go ahead and deice that thing. Do you think there is room under the bed to place the batteries?
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