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Using a spare eBay Fujitsu Stylistc 3500, RoadRunner free CarPC software, and the PakTrakr system I'm in the process of replacing the old ICE guages and switches with a touch screen PC.
I'll also have a mini-remote on the steering wheel for more convenient and safer control.


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Have been using RR based Carputer and its predecessors in ICE vehicle for ages, the idea to use it in EV for controller/BMS/variousIO info was a natural progression, you beat me to it :D

I'm glad you went the modul/plugin route so every major controller brand will be covered, this will be huge! THANKS!

If you plan to make E.L.V.I.S. into hard core grade EV diag equipment, you can adapt some of the ideas from that famous Peter Ohler's palmpilot based system (for Xantrex/Link10), i.e. include optional SOC, Peukert effect calculation/settings for lead acid based EVs, range remaining estimate, and much more..

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