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I purchased one of the BMS systems from EV West. I should be more adept at this but I am not. I had a wiring question. The system can monitor up to 96 cells (with satellite systems). Can this BMS monitor 2, 96 cell packs in parallel?I was planning on using the LG CHEM Lithium Ion Battery - 60.8V, 2.6kWh.

I was planning on 12 (2 packs of 6 in parallel). Each pack has 16 cells with connectors for readouts.

This would mean I have 192 cells to monitor, however the dilithium BMS system it can only monitor 24 cells each and only up to 96 with satellite systems. Or is there a different way to monitor parallel packs?

How would I wire? Or would a different BMS be a better option?
You would have to use 2 main modules and 6 slaves.
Im reashurching this at the moment and require 2 main modules (BMS controlers) and 4 slaves (BMS satalights) if anyone has some for sale?
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