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I've been wanting to do this at my house as well. I have a grid-tied PV system so I was thinking it would be sweet to charge my EV with my panels, then use that to provide energy at night. I'm still just starting my EV conversion, so I probably wouldn't start on this piece for a while, but it's in my plan.

Jimno69ny - How has your system worked out for you? Are you able to use the same JAE charge port to transfer energy back to your home's critical loads?

I was thinking of creating some additional CAN commands to control the system. Perhaps just using a custom board to sniff the CAN line and respond to these additional commands - this could control a transfer switch as well as the inverter. Of course you would have to send DC over the charge cable so you would also need a transfer switch on the vehicle side. I haven't thought it through that much though so I'm probably missing some details at this point. It's easy to get ahead of myself :eek:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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