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I am in the early stages of developing a prototype system to connect an EV battery pack into a combined ESS/PV/Inverter system to power the home. Ultimately I think this could be a business opportunity....but I dont want to get too far ahead of myself.

I have worked for a substantial time reverse engineering the Nissan Leaf's CAN network (my background is automotive/EV R&D) and watched Wolftronix's videos with great interest. I think he made it look a bit too easy! Just 2*12V relays to switch it on....really??!? I have a 2014 Nissan Leaf myself but its my daily driver so haven't had the guts to tear it down ... just yet.

I realize there will be significant work in working with the BMS, and ensuring the pack stays healthy....that's hopefully where my experience comes into play.

Ultimately I want to develop something like the attached image.

So my questions to the hive mind are:
  • Has anyone actually done something like this?
  • What were the significant challenges?
  • Is anyone in the UK and up for discussing it?
Any update on the progress? I just bought a e-NV200 to electrify my tractor and at the same time I plan to use its battery for V2H.
It used to have a Chademo port which is able to delivery power both ways, to my suprise my Italian model has only a type 1 charging connector.
I´m not willing to take the battery apart to use its battery cells only. If necessary I keep the car running and develop a safe solution to extract the energy towards my house.

I assume many people out there are working on the same thing, lets group our knowledge and make it happen!

I´m an el. engineer with many years of experience and a lot of tools in reach. If you know existing communities, I´d be happy if you point me the direction ...

Best regards,
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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