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Dirty Electric Cars Powered By Dirty Coal

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Another one of my annoying myth-busting articles. :)

One of the most common questions electric vehicle proponents are asked is, “Aren’t you just moving the pollution from the tailpipe to the smokestack?”, when it comes to using electricity generated from burning coal.
Most people are aware that coal is a dirty way to produce electricity, but
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Hey Gav,
It is interesting, to me, to go to the rest of the story and then see all of the smoke stacks in the top picture.

Except that there are only 2 smoke stack looking towers.

The rest are the wide tapered COOLING TOWERS that emit only water vapor!!!!

We have 2 of them at our Byron Nuke plant and when they are cooling the water they emit water vapor and some people even around here think is is SMOKE!!!!!!!

This country has not seen coal pollution as bad as it was when all of the steam locomotives ran. Also most every home back in the early '40s burned coal around here in the midwest.

You couldn't even hang out your wash, to dry back then, on certain days.

Coal can be burned clean.
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