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I desperately need help from those who are more experienced with this project. I'm stuck on quite a few things that are stopping me from proceeding. I'm planning on purchasing most (of not all) of the conversion kit from EV west
. I'll be using 18650 batteries I haven't completely decided on the formation yet but it's most likely going to be a 37s50p. I'm designing my own water cooling system to use in my car so the packs are going to be a bit funky, I'm most likely going to have packs of 10 batteries combined and wiring them to parallel to 4 other packs (so 5 packs for each parallel battery). Here's where I'm stuck:
I need a quality BMS and ideally I will have a BMS in each pack of 10. I've searched so many sites and haven't been able to find a great selection.
I'm sure there are quite a few things I didn't include that are necessary to answer the question so please don't hesitate to ask for clarification.
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