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DIY children's electric tractor

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Hi all, I apologize if this is the wrong place. Just looking for advice as I have never done this.

So, I want to build my 2 year old son an electric tractor.

My plan is to use a strimmer rotovator gearbox 46-1 worm gear with a 350w 2850rpm 24v brushed chinesium motor.
As the motor has no cooling ports, it will need modifying so it doesn't burn out.
Frame will be 25mm 3 mm box section with ply cowlings and wheel arches.

Lithium batteries will be preferred if funds are available.

Using 2 bicycle multi gear hubs on both the motor and gearbox I will be able to adapt the gear ratio to suit. Rear wheels are 41cm in dia.

Now one area I'm struggling to decide to have singe wheel drive Vs solid axel. As the front wheels will hinge, all wheels will be in contact at all times.

Will a solid Axel's make turning really hard? It will be used mostly on the lawn with occasionally drive.
Thanks in advance