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Hi, I'm developing an quite easy DC DC controller, for an electric motor bike.

About it, I'm just starting for a simple half bridge, and then I'll move up for more sensorial details to check while it is working...

I've got an special question, on the design, I'm using an IR2110, it is a MOSFET driver, my doubt is about the voltage, it seems to work right with 15v, but my Batteries are 36V, so what should I use for the voltage divider? a DC DC converter or just a voltage regulator? I'm afraid that the voltage regulator whaist to much power...

What does the profesional controllers use?

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I thought about that, but there is two questions I've got...

1)About what I've read the IR2110 may consume around 2A, I'm not sure what it depends about, but in case it consume 2A and my regulator is dropping voltage from 36V to 15V, I'll be wasting (2A.21V=42W) 42W if I'm not wrong, and thats to much heat and to much waste for the battery...

2)What does use the pro Controllers?
Thanks you two guys, I'll answer you in a right way as soon as I can, Noé I got just a few minutes at work.

What call my atention was about of turning on the bouth hi side and low side mosfets at the same time, If I do the half bridge they must be on at the same time! ...
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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