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DIY electric power steering DC motor modifications

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Hi everyone. I'mm in the process of trying to modify a Toyota electric power steering pump motor i removed from a Pontiac vibe GT some weeks ago. The electric motor looks functional, but its just tht the intermediate shaft on the steering was bad, so we opted replacing everything, including the motor.

Toyota DC motor spec:
The DC motor is rated 25V, without any indication on the sticker, of the motors amperage draw.

Hydraulic pump I'm going to use spec:
Its from a ford 2005 expedition that i had lying somewhere in the shop.

How the setup would work:
The hydraulic pump pulley would be removed, and the output shaft of the electric motor, coupled with the aid of a modified intermediate shaft hooked to the hydraulic pump.

Pressure hoses or pipes, would be linked to the suction and discharge ports of the hydraulic pump, which would be used to siphon dead engine oils from vehicles i work on, or it can also be used as a mobile waste transfer pump for fluids, with the exception of water.

Help needed are:
1. How do I bench test the electric motor, via wire connections at the motor terminals?

I have tried applying a 28V power source (lifepo4) module to the positive and negative terminals, but they keep causing a spark at the terminals, as though the motor is shorted.

2. Continuity tests on all the terminals shows that continuity exists in relation to each wires tested.
So what exactly is causing the motor to cause those sparks, immediately I apply battery voltage to the motor terminals (I don't want to believe the windings are shorted though, because the motor was working before i removed it from the car)?

Thanks for your answers.

PS: I understand this electric power steering motor uses EPS ECU, and torque sensors in the motor, to operate in the car. But is there a way i could just work with this motor without using the ECU to make the motor work?
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