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I have read several threads but didn't get my personal answers, so I decided to make a ew topic. And here it is :D
I hope you will understand my lousy english and certainly my problem :wink:
I need some electric components for my electric vehicle project (a VW New Beetle).
The most important thing is the BMS or rather the lower and higher voltage protection.
It has to be affordable to me, so I can't buy a out of the box model.
My battery-pack is 38 pcs. of 3,2 Volt (120Ah) SkyEnergy SE120AHA (121,6V all together).
2,3 V min. voltage (LVC)
3,2 V nominal voltage
3,6 V max. voltage (HVC)
My charger would be a Zivan NG3 with maximum 136,8 DC output and 15A current max.
Now I have to solder 38 boards to balance the cells while charging.
At now I looked at and the goodrum/fetcher but I don't know if they would achieve my requirements for a daily use drive and charge protection.
Can anyone appraise whether they work with my project and has anyone a soldering-layout and component-list for me, so I can solder the circuits myself?
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