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DIY Simple BMS

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I'm trying to figure out a simple diy way to balance banks of 4 LiFePo4 cells wired in series, and 6 capacitors wired in series, running parallel to the LiFePo4 cells, to create a ~12.8v boost pack, to replace a lead acid battery in my ICE powered motorcycle, and if it works well in the ICE bike I will duplicate it 4 times over, with each pack running series (~48v) for use in my electric bike. I'm shooting for using 3.2v 1100mah cells per bank and I'm thinking I can just run an LED between the cells, opposite the series link power strap, with a diode on each side of the LED, so it would very, very slowly drain the pack over time, from the LEDs, but would this setup work for being extremely rudimentary? Obviously I would still need a 12.8-14.4v lithium charger for each pack, but I just wanted to get a rudimentary setup to balance the cells at least. If it works, it would also allow me to change out smaller sections of battery and capacitor (may not even use caps on the EV bike, just like the more instantaneous energy boost idea for starting the ICE bike) in the event of a problem, as well as smaller cross section individual packs, to allow better cooling between the packs. Am I totally nuts or does any of this sound like a feasible way to accomplish my goal?
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Or does anyone have any experience with this piece? Sounds good enough for what my goals are, but only for the LiFePo4 portion, would need to find one with a 6s setup to use on the capacitor side.
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