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Maybe something for him to do a bit of research into, but you give him the parameters of the display requirements.

What you'll find is that either the motor controllers have thier own dedicated display/software, OR they use the can-bus and expect you to do something with that to display what you want.
For the most part, there is also very little issue with adding your own display stuff onto a dedicated system, as they'll be using can-bus as well.

For example, You have a tesla motor, using the T-2C motor controller. There is an Apple app that'll work as an interface, which is great because you can access it when needed, but you dont want a big ipad in the dashboard. So, you use the same can-bus signals and instead send them to some aftermarket gauges, Speedo, Tach etc. (Speedhut do can-bus gauges) Maybe you also have a small sub screen that displays some relevant info, HV battery voltage (SoC), inverter, motor and battery temperature and whatever. That could be acheived with a can-bus breakout (Could be a rasberry Pi, Arduino or other system) which then outputs to a small screen. That part would most definitly need some diy and software skills. That would be a good project for him.

Pose it to him as "Using the can-bus network and signals, I want a small screen to fit (pick a spot) that will display these specific parameters (list) from these systems (Motor, Inverter, dc-dc, etc). This should be able to be acheived with a Pi and a can-bus interface board, The budget is $x"
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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