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how do you think about EV and lifep04 battery suppliers in China?Are their technology reached maturity level?
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I bought a pack of ThunderSky cells from a US vendor and have found the quality of the cells to be first rate. I can't say the same for the US vendor. The cells have proven to be well matched in service and they where shipped at very close to the same state of charge (all within 0.01 volt.) I think the written documentation could be better.

I'm going to disagree Tesseract about the cell case. I think the requirement to block the end of each row is preferable to having each cell be made slightly larger and heavier so its case was strong enough without restraint.
I think the main reason for the unsatisfactory US vendor is because the one I used is in bankruptcy. I was one of the last people to get their battery order from them.

The chemists have to figure out what can be done to best manage the pressure. My understanding is that allowing them to swell or vent will increase internal resistance. Low internal resistance is very important for EV service. I am having no problems pulling 5C peak currents, with the average cell voltage over 2.9 volts and no cell dropping to 2.5 volts. I found that strapping the cells into groups of 8, using the end plates Thundersky provided, was easy to do.
Bankruptcy?How long is the warranty of Thundersky LFP battery?

Doping modification with kation is a way to lower the internal resistance.May i ask you how to strap the cells into 8 groups? Is it able to lower internal resistance effectively?
The batteries came with the Thundersky warranty information. I'm not sure how I would exercise my warranty now with my US supplier in bankruptcy. I haven't had any need to consider that. I suppose if there was any problem I would directly contact Thundersky for advice.

Thundersky shipped the cells in blocks of 4 with end plates and straps attached to the aluminum end plates with screws. I remove the screws and end plates and put the cells into blocks of 8. I put an end plate at each end and clamped them with a bar clamp. Then I made new straps from stainless steel banding and screwed them to the end plates using the same screws Thundersky originally used. Though it took a bit of time to make 8 new straps for each block of cells it was quite easy to do.
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