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how do you think about EV and lifep04 battery suppliers in China?Are their technology reached maturity level?
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i do not mean that BMS and cooling is the same thing,i was wondering what is the product on the web

It's a 300V nominal, 1000A continuous DC motor controller.
It's a 300V nominal, 1000A continuous DC motor controller.
What is the competitive advantages of your DC motor controller?
I am sorry, but I believe there is a big misunderstanding. The swelling is NOT heat related! And it is independent of cell resistance. The swelling is SOC level related.
- 0 ~ 90 % SOC = not swollen, regardless of usage.
- ~100 % SOC = swollen, whether sitting on a shelf, charging, or discharging (at any current, and for any cell resistance)
Changing rate of LFP crystal lattice is 6-7% when charging.There will be some volumn change when SOC is 0~90%.
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