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DMOC 445 and CCShell

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I have CCShell loaded on my computer as well as java 5.0 as I'm required to have on the computer. I connect the DMOC and then try to connect to the file. When I try to connect to the file my computer says it can't communicate with serial port 1 3 or 4 and won't open the file. I know the controller is functioning as I can run the vehicle but I can't communicate with it. I did at one point mid last summer when I did have the computer talking to the controller. I thought I had all the parameters set.

I have tried on Windows 7 and Windows XP Professional. Both are configured properly

I did change a computer so something must be missing. When I plug in the controller via the USB serial cord it bebops like it doesn't like that. When I plug in a normal USB it is a different sound and accepts the USB. I thought maybe a driver but not sure.

Is there a specific USB Serial driver I need on the computer. One computer is 64bit and the other 32 bit. It seems odd that I can't communicate to a serial port.

Any help will be much appreciated

Pete :)

I will try what ever you throw my way until I get it working again.
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What brand of usb serial adapter are you using? and yes it sounds like a driver issue. The driver might be specific to the usb-serial adapter, Did the usb-serial adapter come with the controller? Maybe check with the controller manufacturer web site. win7 normally looks for the driver I thought . If you can get to the Device Manager window you should see a yelow triangle by the usb port that you have the usb serial adapter plugged into. It will/should say what the device is. Then you just( like it is ever that easy) need to find the driver for it. or it could be as easy as finding a generic usb-serial driver.

later floyd
Thank you Floyd. Got the new cable and driver and now have a video up showing my computer talking to the controller. I will do more testing but so far so good. It is the original file for this DMOC 445 Inverter.
Now is there anyone here that has copies of DMOC 445 .ccs files? Specific for the 445. Just want to see what others have used.
I went through this last year and now finally have a stable ccshell setup with the correct .ccs. No small feat. For .ccs files I had luck searching this forum and through wolftronix' website. I would suggest connecting to your DMOC over hyperterminal, most ccshell installs come with it preconfigured but it is also outlined in the ccshell manual (which you can find with a quick google search). Once you connect it will spit out your exact build code (with 2 extra zeros per block... 90 - 8e = 0090 - 008e). I did try the manually overwriting the build code in a .ccs trick and was able to connect with ccshell, but have heard if you start writing parameters it can mess things up. An old laptop with XP and a db9 port was the best $50 I've spent in a while. And when you get going I would be interested to compare parameter files. I'm not through registration yet but have been driving up my road and am slowly improving drivability.
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Hello onegreenev & floydr, I have an EV installed with a DMOC 445 but it recently stopped communicating through cc shell and also the contactor is no longer switching when the vehicle is in Key-On. Is there any one who still offers technical support for Azure Dynamics controllers?
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