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I got a few of these as new old stock but don't know anything about them and the ID plate hasn't helped me a ton.
Hi dov,

Appears to be a rebranded AC24 Solectria. Azure bought Solectrica and I think this was inventory. Originally manufactured by Lincoln Electric Motor Division, Cleveland, OH as NEMA , 182 frame TENV. Lincoln provided it with a higher frequency winding (V/Hz) and custom end brackets. It's actually a decent motor perhaps lacking in the cooling department. This particular version, I believe, has no bearing on the output shaft. The square plate is for shipping only so the rotor doesn't bang about. If you or anyone else would like one of these motors, PM me. My pal has one sitting in my shop. He also has one bolted to the Borg Warner gearbox.

Anyway, good luck,

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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