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I have a fairly rare, ultra-lightweight English 2-seater, a '59 Berkeley, originally powered by an approx. 20 hp 2-stroke 2-cycle motorcycle motor. The whole car weighs only 680 lb, and with the motor and gas tank out, it will be about 550 lb. I wonder if more experienced EV-ers than I have advice on battery numbers and sizes? Because lead-acid would double the weight of the car, clearly lithium (Thundersky or similar) makes good sense-- under 180 lb, leaving the car not much heavier than original. So: Can I get by with less than 96v? I'm looking for bursts in the high 60mph (like the orig. 20 hp ICE), moderate 60-ish maintained for maybe 10 miles on the freeway, and a total usable range near 50 mi. The car's frontal area is small and fairly aerodynamic (google BEC and Berkeley or Berkeley and coldplugs to get a look-- somewhat Italian front end). Would 72v be clearly too little-- or is there such a thing as 84v? Do I need to go with 200 a-hr? All advice appreciated. -Chris in VA
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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