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61-64 beetle

Engine: Horizontally opposed four, overhead chain-driven cams, two valves per cylinder, cast-magnesium crankcase and cast-iron cylinders and alloy pistons, 1,192cc (72.74 cubic inches)
Horsepower: 40 @ 3,900 rpm
Torque: 61-lbs.ft. @ 2,000 rpm
Induction system: Solex 1-bbl. carburetor
Gearbox: Four-speed manual, fully synchronized
Length: 160.2 inches
Width: 60.6 inches
Height: 59.1 inches
Curb weight: 1,720 pounds
0-60 mph: 27 seconds
Top speed: 72 mph

My own car, which has an aftermarket 2332cc engine, wieghs in at only 1550lbs, it has lost it bumpers, rear seat and running boards.

***The earlier 64 and back cars have a much stronger king pin front end. There have been reports of some ball joints front ends (1965 and later) breaking with heavy curb weights.****

Thanks for a great forum and resource!!:)
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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