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I own 2 Beetles.
1973 Sedan - Torsion Bar front end - ICE powered
1977 Convertible (my EV) - MacPherson Strut front end.

I had to add spring spacers to the MacPherson Struts when I added 360 lbs of LA Batts in the trunk. I'll be removing those batts once my Lithiums arrive.
I don't like the way the vehicle handles with that much weight and spacers on the front end. The steering feels stiff and of course the suspension is much stiffer and rattles your teeth when you hit a bump.

I have completely restored 4 Beetles in the past 15 years and YES, the parts are readily available and inexpensive.
However, if I were to convert another, I would choose a 1973 or earlier with the Torsion Bar front end. There are coil-over shocks which can be used with that front end to regulate the height and stiffness.
I have a pair on my 73 and it handles just fine.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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