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Don't believe in shipping times for NetGain controllers

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Hi folks,
I was just wondering if anyone has received a NetGain controller in the last two months?
:mad:I ordered a controlled in the beginning of August when the web site was promising delivery in 6 weeks. Then I heard that it would be mid-October. Now I am told it will not be shipped before the end of November. That is 3 1/2 months!!!! Be careful because they currently still claim shipping in 10 weeks.

I could have bought a Soliton with all the extra $$ I am having spend on gas while waiting.
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Don't believe in shipping times for NetGain controllers
It's maybe because Netgain change the conception of his controller!!?

First picture: from 2009 to 09-2010
Second pic: 09-2010 to today..... Strange!

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