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Don't believe in shipping times for NetGain controllers

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Hi folks,
I was just wondering if anyone has received a NetGain controller in the last two months?
:mad:I ordered a controlled in the beginning of August when the web site was promising delivery in 6 weeks. Then I heard that it would be mid-October. Now I am told it will not be shipped before the end of November. That is 3 1/2 months!!!! Be careful because they currently still claim shipping in 10 weeks.

I could have bought a Soliton with all the extra $$ I am having spend on gas while waiting.
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Thanks for providing the only response necessary in this thread. It saddens me when the Solitron factory and their fans pile on in thread after thread about competitor's products.

From "Tess":

"That's an interesting tidbit... I wonder what's really going on over there. "


"Oh, we learned our lesson but good on anodizing cast aluminum - it looks like crap, especially the colors, so don't even bother!"

It's unprofessional to throw out political style backhanded comments like these. I notice them and as a Netgain motor AND controller owner, they stick with me for a long time...the controller is high quality and the anodizing is absolutely beautiful! I appreciate the valuable help others on this forum have given me during my build but this slamming of Netgain by Solitron should not be allowed by the admin. Oh wait, the admin is the one suggesting a refund is in order :(

Disclosure: Yep, I'm a Netgain dealer.

Off my soapbox.
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