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Don't believe in shipping times for NetGain controllers

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Hi folks,
I was just wondering if anyone has received a NetGain controller in the last two months?
:mad:I ordered a controlled in the beginning of August when the web site was promising delivery in 6 weeks. Then I heard that it would be mid-October. Now I am told it will not be shipped before the end of November. That is 3 1/2 months!!!! Be careful because they currently still claim shipping in 10 weeks.

I could have bought a Soliton with all the extra $$ I am having spend on gas while waiting.
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Nope. No such thing as matching controller and motor when it comes to series wound motors. For AC-motors, SepEx and a few others you have to match the controller and motor, but for series wound there's no such problem since the controller can't affect the way the motor work anyway.

Just set reasonable max current, voltage and power so you don't blow the motor, that's all. However, in most cases the problem is to figure those values out... :rolleyes:
What he meant is a marketing perception based on word "Warp" being in the name of both motor and controller, which might subconsiously lead some people to buy the pair of products based on their marketing name, rather than actual superior product with superior support and immediate availability.
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