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Don't believe in shipping times for NetGain controllers

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Hi folks,
I was just wondering if anyone has received a NetGain controller in the last two months?
:mad:I ordered a controlled in the beginning of August when the web site was promising delivery in 6 weeks. Then I heard that it would be mid-October. Now I am told it will not be shipped before the end of November. That is 3 1/2 months!!!! Be careful because they currently still claim shipping in 10 weeks.

I could have bought a Soliton with all the extra $$ I am having spend on gas while waiting.
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This might be Off Topic but here goes anyway...

Tess, I think that the Soliton is the cats meow, not because I know controllers, beleive me, I dont.

I Think this because you are in here with our group helping, for the love of the game, you cant "fake" that kind of commitment to the sport.

If I ever needed someone who I thought REALLY had his act together, regarding controllers, Id call you.

So, assuming the Netgain, Soliton and Zilla are all equal (I know they are not) Its a question of marketing.

People may buy Warp drives because they feel they are better "matched" to the popular Warp motor. (Are they?)

Id bet you would recoup the money spent in annodizing some Solitons red and pre optimizing the settings for Warps and calling them "Warp editions" or something like that.

Food for thought :)
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