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Dream Conversion Car

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Hi, curious what people think about their dream conversion if money was no object! I like the track car / Karting feel so for me it’ll be an Lotus Elise/Exige!
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The lotus is definitely one that I would like to have but if possible to fit in , all wheel drive.

But my current project Mitsubishi Evolution 8 is my dream car. I really like the way exterior design looks . The interior unfortunately is cheap Lancer (excluding the Recaro seats) . But the thing that made this car amazing is the all wheel drive train , chassis , steering rack and 4G63T ice. It is truly a poor man’s super car and tuner .

I never felt such super tight responsive steering on any other car. I think the rack and pinion is 13:1 ratio if I remember correctly . Maybe the lotus is this way too ? If you turn the steering 1 mm the car instantly without delay responds and turns in that direction like it’s connected to the ground and driver . It feels like a go-kart and gives your mind the impression that you are a professional driver . I guess “it drives like it’s on rails” is the expression? Another way to think of it is , it’s like driving a “loose” torque converter automatic vs a manual with clutch .
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