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Hi, this is my first time posting and I do not much hands on EV experience, so please forgive any stupid questions.

Bit of background: i am an engineering student and have been looking into an EV project, potentially as my final year project. This will be undertaken by 3 or 4 people who all have a decent knowledge of general mechanics and a bit of experience with racing (my brother competes in drifting, I help out in the pits, we all do that sort of thing one way or another).

Inspiration:I saw a video online of a drift EV built that used a forklift motor but still employed a clutch. While I understand that you do not necessarily need a clutch in an EV it is an essential part of drifting (along with a good handbrake). I think there is a better way to do this.

The idea was something along the lines of: remove the clutch and gearbox, use a direct drive (one speed) system and program the computer to 'act as the clutch' so to speak. I.e you pull the handbrake, power is cut to the motor (this will start the drift and put the car sideways) then when the handbrake is released lots of power power is sent back to the motor [potentially without lifting your foot from the accelerator??] in order to break traction and spin the tires (in a ICE car this would be the equivalent to dropping the clutch and mashing the accelerator). In theory creating a drift car with no clutch or gears, making it much simpler to drive than an ICE drift car (having to coordinate clutch with handbrake and accelerator etc.)

So my real question is: does anyone have any insight as to how to go about it or if its even possible, without costing an arm and leg. It wouldn't have to drive far or be registered (purely for the track) but would need to make a decent amount of power, be balanced and not weigh a ton. My uni has an EV racing team and therefore components, facilities and like minded people that we may be able to use or go to for advice. At this stage i am not so worried about specifics, just general info and advice. Thanks in advance (and sorry about the long post!)

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I could drift my car - in fact I just spent a lot of money on sticky tyres to prevent it from spinning it's rear wheels! - and I can still break the rear loose

Forklift motor - Direct drive to a Subaru diff (with LSD)
Chevy Volt batteries
Paul & Sabrina Controller

Not sure you need your switch setup but it would be dead easy to do

It's great fun!
On the road I set to 50% power - on the grass 25%

I just blew the motor up at our annual drag races - the local forklift breakers had a pile of them!
Paid $150 (75 pounds) for a "new" one - and I'm back on the road
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