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DVLA change of fuel to electrickery :-)

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Hi to all, but this is only really relevant to UK readers, sorry to everyone else.
Well I finally got my EV conversion 'change of fuel' agreed with the DVLA.
My initial sending of the reg document with a simple alteration of fuel type didnt work, they sent back a standard letter with the four options of how to go about this, I suggest you try this first as the reply contains details of who and where to send the details below. I documented the conversion (95% completed at this stage, so in panic mode in case of a final NO !) with many pictures of car and parts as they are being removed/fitted and a write up of whats been removed and whats been done with reference to each picture provided, be sure to have the car reg plate in view on some of the pics. Then with kind permission of my local garage and some supervision from them I provided a covering letter on their garage headed notepaper (with contact details for the garage if needed) stating the facts of who to contact etc and sent this with the reg doc to DVLA. This came back 4 weeks later approved and change of fuel granted. The DVLA actually gave 4 options of what to do to gain approval but the above other than a full AA/RAC report are the only two that would be possible unless you are well in with the manufacturer of the vehicle. I hope that brings a ray of hope to all you out there who have not considered this yet and are busy toiling away at your build. Good luck. Peter