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dynamic acceleration as a function of power f-la

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various sources takes different approaches in calculations of drivetrain and accel. - from averaging, to applying instant or continuous accel. (f=ma), or go from certain tyranny gear ratios, or statistical race track performance times
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since most transmissions - constant power tyranny's, they trade force (torque) for speed and we have higher accel in low speed(rpm) and lower on high

what the f-la accommodates dynamic accel? like y=f(x), speed(distance) as function of time and power: instantaneous accel or averaging won't give exact answer, since dynamic accel - parabolic function (pict) and 0to60 in 4 sec = 15mph/sec - only average, but 0-15 < 1 sec, 45-60 > 1 sec and 0-30 < 2 sec
assuming cvt - ideal, resistance and losses - out of equasion for now


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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