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I am looking into the possibility of retrofitting second generation GM e-assist generators, or what GM calls a "belted assisted generator (BAS)" to other vehicles. Mostly to add bottom end torque but also as a potential range extender. The motor has the following specs:

3 phase water cooled AC induction motor in Y configuration
72 pole stator
56 pole rotor
10 pole speed/ position induction sensor
Typically used at 115V.

The complete e-assist modules are found on Buicks and some Malibus. It appears they are made by LUK and come with something around a 1.1KW li-ion pack.

Provided there is space enough on an ICE to replace the alternator with one of these units, or install it in place of the AC compressor, what are the options for controllers that would be able to adjust both regen and power output that can also tap and use a 0 to 2.5V volt signal from accelerator pedal position sensors? Both need to be adjustable as there might be slippage of standard serpentine belts. GM uses a massive spring tensioner on their system but I would like to omit using that. It is also possible the high spring tension GM uses is mostly needed for the starting function of the generator and that the 79 lbs of torque this 11.5KW rated motor puts out will not cause the belt to slip. Don't know.
Would something like a Kelly KAK 8080I controller work for this? Any suggestions on controllers or any other components outside the obvious battery pack and DC/DC converter I would need?

This is the ebay junkyard acquired motor in all its glory and youtube video with a tear down of same.

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