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E-CAR Electric Vehicle For Sale – Factory EV

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E-CAR, 2010 Model – All power model – This vehicle is a factory built electric vehicle (not a home conversion)… the vehicle is in a brand new condition, with less than 100 miles in it. It was only driven by the company CEO a few times. The batteries are also brand new (sealed AGM batteries – Maintenance free). The vehicle comes with a State of Missouri Certificate of title ...It needs to registered and have license plates.


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Price? Location? I think I found your web site, but, want to be sure this is the same car. I noticed on the site that you have a link to a specific insurance provider. Are they the only provider that will insure this vehicle?

looking at the speedo, with everything above 25 red, makes me think this is a NEV, and not rated for highway use?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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