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I'm looking to convert a 90cc motorcycle to electric. I have been scouting motors, and I think I've narrowed it down to the Golden Motor model listed here:

My concern, however, is that it may not be enough for higher speeds. I live in a fairly rural area and even the next town over is along a 55mph road, and I don't want my bike to be an issue for other drivers.

Does anyone know what kind of speeds the motor above might be capable of? Or does anyone have another motor that I can compare it to? Any help at all would be appreciated.
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You can ask on the Zero motorcycles forum as to what wattage their bikes burn up going at 55MPH, that will be your target. I think 5kW motor may be a bit weak - Zero DS/S has a 40kW powertrain I believe, but it's setup for 89MPH max.

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There are motorcycle-specific EV forums. Bicycle forum-wise, Endless-Sphere is a good choice, they have some people into higher speed stuff. The community here isn't best to answer you on the current meta for motorcycle builds. You're welcome to stay but you'll probably find better advice elsewhere.
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